Bottling Line Engineering

Winmark provides customized services for the engineering of complete bottling lines, re-engineering of existing bottling lines, lay-out engineering, efficiency improvement engineering, and many more engineering services.
We help our clients to minimize their costs, improve efficiency and ensure that their equipment operates at maximum capacity using latest technologies and innovative solutions.


Mechanical installation

 Installation of all types of equipment or machinery
 Installation of complete bottling lines
 Machinery relocation
 Complete line relocation
  Provision of mechanics & electricians
  Provision of electric supervisors
 Provision of mechanic supervisors
 Provision of project supporting personnel
 Specialist outsourcing
Winmark staffs are experienced, well educated, trained and professional. Our prices are highly competitive.
We will work only using quality tools and equipment.


Project Management

Each project will be executed at a quality level that meets global standards, respecting those standards in respect of schedule, budget and health and safety.
Winmark project managers can manage every step of your project, they offer expertise and qualified project management, they are able to reduce technical risks, safety risks, prevent errors, control budgets and comply with all applicable requirements.



       A beverage packaging line will always require some maintenance. And just as every minute of downtime and inefficiency can lower your return on investment, the right maintenance package can create more value for your business.

       Planned or unplanned maintenance

       Whether planned or unplanned, we can help you maintain your line efficiency, turning costly downtime into profitable uptime. Our expert maintenance teams personalise our services to you and can help you reduce spare-parts inventory costs, optimise cash flows and ensure efficient production without compromising on product quality. They are fully dedicated to your maintenance needs, from execution to follow-up.

       No matter when or where you need us, you can count on BEYOND to be there with the support you require to meet your targets and proactively reduce expensive downtime.

Our specialized customer support includes:


     ● 24/7 rapid-response technical support

     ● Hotline assistance 0086-13962288333

     ● On-site field service at your local factory