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Beverage Mixer Machine


Beverage Mixer Machine Product Description: DYH beverage mixing machine is used for carbonation and proportion mixing of water, syrup, and CO2, in producing carbonated beverag...

Beverage Mixer Machine Product Description: 

DYH beverage mixing machine is used for carbonation and proportion mixing of water, syrup, and CO2, in producing carbonated beverages, for examples, lemon, coca cola, and so on. It is the main equipment in whole beverage production line.


Venturi jet apparatus is adopted for CO2 transmission, which ensuring constant flux and flow state. The contact surface of gas and liquid is full and the resistance is low, thus featuring high efficiency and low power consumption. Its structure is also concise and employing reliable multi-grade carbonation pump which is quiet and controlled by frequency convertor for start or run, thus ensuring the good performance of the complete equipment.

Owing to vacuum pump and vaporous spray of pre-beverage in the pre-beverage tank making pressure of the gas in the pre-beverage bigger than that of surface, 90% of the dissolved O2 in the pre-beverage is released. Before going to water tank CO2 is rationed out to the deoxidized pre-beverage. The spray can enlarge the contact surface of pre-beverage and gas, thus hastening the diffusion process. This machine adopts CO2 reflux for deoxidation, featuring economic use of CO2 and good effect of deoxidation.

The plate heat exchanger (12SQM), included, is used to cool the mixing of pre-beverage and syrup after proportion valve and multi-grade pump, and to improve the carbonation effect. Before the pre-beverage and syrup going to heat exchanger some CO2 can be added to the mixing to reach a better performance of syrup, pre-beverage and gas mixing effect.

Main Technical Parameters:

 Flow Output : 4000Liter/Hour ,and so on

 Range of proportion (syrup to water)                          1:3 – 1:6

4)  Mixing precision tolerance                                    ≤2%

5)  Cooling water temperature inlet                                   2

6)  Cooling water temperature outlet                        8.2

7)  Flux (cooling water to material)                   2:1

8)  Pre-Beverage temperature inlet                   0-20

9)  Pre-Beverage pressure inlet                      0.1-0.2MPa

10) Syrup temperature inlet                                0-20

11) Syrup pressure inlet                                   0.01-0.08MPa

12) CO2 pressure inlet                                  0.6-0.97MPa

13) CO2 purity                                                         99.9%

14) Compressed air pressure                        0.6-0.97MPa