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Plastic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine


Plastic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine Product Description: Fully automatic plastic PET bottle blowing machine is the most stable two step blow down equipment of our factor...

Plastic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine Product Description: 

Fully automatic plastic PET bottle blowing machine is the most stable two step blow down equipment of our factory, from one cavity to eight cavity,suitable for blowing PET, PP crystal forming kind raw material any shape carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, wide diameter bottles, high temperature resistant bottles and other plastic container.

The machine with safety ratio, no harm to the human, avoid the danger of taking out bottles by hand, reduce the loss of accident, improve the efficiency

Adopts world famous brand PLC touch screen Human~Computer Interface, have the characteristics of accuracy, high speed, stable performance. The structure is simple, heater and main machine adopts slipway, convenient for maintenance.

Adopts heating by infrared tubes, can heat thoroughly and evenly, the draft cooling system can guarantee the perform heating and container mouth stable cooling. PLC control the temperate segment, heating tunnel is designed reasonably, can turn over, can adjust by front and back,up and down.

The checking components adopts the Japanese Omron electric, the electric control adopts world famous electric, with stable performance, can reveal exactly.

Have the function of auto alarm, auto problem checking and judgement. It can install many different kinds of blowing craft parameter, when changing different mould and perform, can adjust the statistics from computer,easy operation

Adopts Germany, Japan, Taiwan pneumatic components, ensure the machine with low problem.

Have the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast speed switch ,low problem,stable and safety operation. The whole machine adopts standard Anti vibration structure, can reduce the vibration to the lowest when high speed operation,enrich the life of spare parts.